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Carrino’s Company has been involved for a long time to develop a high quality product. This company was born at the beginning of the seventies from a small firm manufacturing handcrafted goods into a bigger business. In a short time it was possible to conquer the attention of the market thanks to the professionalism and the originality of its creations. Carrino’s Company was always able to increase and diversify its production because the reached successes encouraged its development during the years. So real small masterpieces were born, in which the great aesthetic value, the sophisticated construction technology, the incomparable precision, and the high material quality live together in a mix of handicrafts and high technology. This side of the work was attended very carefully by the company. The interior doors of the new collection are nice, functional, elegant, solid, durable, safe, valuable and versatile. So they are able to renew the challenge in a field where it is very difficult to find innovations.

Thanks to an advanced project, concentrated towards the newest trends of the sector, the collection of CARRINO DESIGN doors presents it self as today’s true flexible system, able to fulfil everaesthetic and functional demand in any furnished environment. 

The brand CARRINO DESIGN is today in the world of MADE IN ITALY guarantee constant.

The future objective is to consolidate our product and to see it grow over time through various marketing activities and communication both nationally and internationally.

Download COMPANY PRESENTATION of Carrino Design to find out more.

Carrino Design certifies its activities with the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2000. Objective of the company to design highly qualified products to meet the needs and expectations of the initial and subsequent customers.

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